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Bill Colombi

A quick sketch of what he gets up to, plus a comprehensive list of all the productions he's been involved with over the last 35years or so.


"More to remind me of the great people I've worked with over the years, when not doing my day job as an engineer and now in my retirement."

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What he gets up to nowadays

Member of the following groups:

  • Guisborough Choral Society (Bass) [Go]

  • St. Mary the Virgin, Nunthorpe-in-Cleveland Festival Choir (Bass) [Go]

  • Teesside Wind Band (Trumpet) [Go]

  • St Nicholas Church, Guisborough, Orchestra (Trumpet) [Go]

  • Middlesbrough Little Theatre (Actor and Director) [Go]

  • Saltburn '53 Drama Group (Actor) [Go]

Web editor for:

  • St. Mary the Virgin, Nunthorpe-in-Cleveland [Go]

  • Guisborough Choral Society [Go]

  • Teesside Wind Band [Go]

  • Three Course Theatre (this site!)​

kestrel only_edited.jpg

Kestrel Crafting

  • Finishing off the projects he should have finished years ago.

  • Starting and FINISHING new projects.

  • Mending, repairing and refurbishing things.

Being a Grandfather

What Bill's been up to in the past
Past Actvities

Sometime member of:

  • The Nunthorpe Players  - Actor, Director, Script writer, Set designer and builder, lighting and sound. 

  • The Billingham Players ~Theatre Upstairs - Actor

  • Guisborough Theatre Club - Actor

  • Harrison Choir and Band - Bass & Trumpet - No longer in existence, after Leigh Harrison, founder, retired

  • Second Wind Band  - Co-founder / Clarinettist - It rose Phoenix like from the remnants of the Harrison Band, but unfortunately, didn't survive lockdowns 1, 2 & 3 and the death (not from Covid) of two of its dear members, Gwyn and Eve.

Pictures from the Bishop's Stortford trip


A useful earner

Author of Mathematics and Computers (Endeavour) Remaindered - No longer in print, but available from Better World of Books at a very modest $31.49


  • One time owners of GP14 Peanuts and Over Time and Time Again, sailing at Scaling Dam Sailing Club.

  • One time owner of the narrowboat Kestrel when moored at Ripon Racecourse Marina, touring the canals of England and North Wales, including an FMH fund raising trip from Ripon to Bishop's Stortford and back (see pictures).


  • Engineer with a design consultancy company in Stockton upon Tees.

  • Database designer (self-employed)

The team who joined him and helped him over the final stages up the River Stort, and only one of whom fell in and had to wade ashore.

Proof that he got there.

Proof that he got back.

Re-united at the end of the Ripon Canal after six weeks away.

Past productions Bill's been in, directed or worked on
(in reverse order)...

Two Ways to Woo - Both plays written by Alistair Briche

Two very different plays on the theme of love: The Singular Act of Cyrano de Bergerac and The Flawed Flautist

Performed at Theatre Upstairs (Billingham); Toft House (Middlesbrough); St Mary's Church Hall (Nunthorpe); Saltburn Community Theatre.

Directed. In Cyrano played Christian, Montfleury, Ragueneau, De Guiche and the Capuchin monk. In The Flawed Flautist played Tony Roberts (the studio owner). Designed set and devised the sound effects and music cues.

Red Campion - Written and Directed by Susan Pierce

The Saltburn '53 Society entry in the 2022 Saltburn Drama Festival.

Played the part of Robert Turner (Unit controller at MI5) - won the Cameo Award in the part!

The play won the first round, so went forward to the semi-finals of the All England Theatre Festival in April 2022, but no further.

The Fisher's Tale - A Welsh Wayside Play

Adapted as a play for radio by Bill from the play Birds of a Feather by John Oswald Francis.

Saltburn '53 Society, July 2020 -  recorded by individual members of the cast in isolation during lockdown.

Sound engineered the final piece from the individual recordings.

Mr Loveday's Little Outing 

Adapted as a play for radio by Susan Pierce from the play of the same name by Evelyn Waugh

Saltburn '53 Society June 2020 - recorded by individual members of the cast in isolation during lockdown.

Sound engineered the final piece from the individual recordings. The play was subsequently broadcast by Radio Tees.

Red Campion Written and Directed by Susan Pierce

Saltburn '53 Society entry in the Saltburn Drama Festival 2019

Was to play the part of Robert Turner, Unit Controller at MI5, however the Festival was cancelled the day before it was due to start because of the Covid epidemic.


Little Women by Peter Clapham, adapted from the novel by Louisa M. Alcott
Middlesbrough Little Theatre Company - October 2019
Played Mr Laurence, the seemingly 'austere and forbidding' next door neighbour.

Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare
Middlesbrough Little Theatre Company - May 2018
Played the part of Verges (having learnt most of Father Francis's lines in anticipation of getting that part)

The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins adapted by Nicola Boyce
Middlesbrough Little Theatre Company - April 2017
Director / Set design

The Incomplete Works of William Shakespeare (Shortened and modified a bit)
Three Course Theatre (as a contribution to the Nunthorpe Players late Summer Show) - 3rd September 2016
Director / Co-writer / Actor of many parts.
In the early hours of the following morning, Bill had a brain haemorrhage, but thanks to the prompt action of his wife and the skill of the surgeons and 
support staff at James Cook University Hospital, Bill made an almost complete recovery.

Macbeth by William Shakespeare
Middlesbrough Little Theatre Company - April 2016
Played the part of King Duncan, and later a soldier after Duncan had been killed off.

An Empty Plate at the Café du Grand Boeuf by Michael Hollinger

Three Course Theatre - November 2015

Director / Set design and Build / Lighting

Broken Glass by Arthur Miller
Middlesbrough Little Theatre Company - April 2015
Director / Set design
The production received a NODA award for 'Best Production' plus a nomination for 'Best Individual Adult Performance'

Oh, What A Lovely War by Theatre Workshop, Charles Chilton, Gerry Raffles and Members of the Original Cast
Billingham Players - November 2014
Played ensemble parts.
Performed at the Theatre Upstairs, Billingham.

Hamp (for King and Country) by John Wilson
Middlesbrough Little Theatre Company - October 2014
Played the minor role of Captain Prescott, legal adviser to the Court Martial

The Incomplete Works of William Shakespeare (Shortened)
Three Course Theatre (Regurgitated) - December 2014
Director / Co-writer / Actor of many parts.

The Seagull by Anton Chekhov
Middlesbrough Little Theatre - January/February 2014
Played the part of old man Sorin
At the start of the play was giving away 5 years, but already written off by the doctor as being passed it! Bill also had to cope, on the opening night, with a rapidly tearing canvass wheelchair back, while still appearing to be gently snoozing in it.

A Matter of Life and Death by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger
The Nunthorpe Players - June 2013
Director - also spoke the introduction and acted as the stand-in for the Surgeon/President during the operating theatre/courtroom scenes / Set and Lighting design.
This was an adaptation, by Bill, from the screen play of the famous David Niven and June Hunter film . It was remarkable how little had to be changed to make it work on the stage. The most significant changes were that we had a female 'Conductor 71', and the staircase didn't actually move! Significant use was made of video projection, which again worked well for us.

Lashings of Ginger Ale by Stuart G Smith
The Nunthorpe Players - March 2012 (and following rounds on later dates)
Set Design and Lighting.
This was the Nunthorpe Players entry into the 'All England Theatre Festival'. This production went on to reach the final. The set was the interior of a garden shed, with various 'magical' features. The challenge, in accordance with competition rules, was to be able to assemble and decorate the set in 10 minutes. With a well organised team effort this was achieved on each occasion.

Romanoff and Juliet by Peter Ustinov
Three Course Theatre - November 2011
Director / Lighting / Set Design and Build
This romantic comedy was staged at five venues in the Teesside area and raised over £1000 for each of two charities; The Friends of Murambinda Hospital and the Holistic Cancer Care Centre at James Cook University Hospital.

Oh, What A Lovely War by Theatre Workshop, Charles Chilton, Gerry Raffles and Members of the Original Cast
The Nunthorpe Players - May 2011
Director / Set Design
Working with a large cast of 12 men and 6 women, all of whom played a series of different parts throughout the show itself, proved quite a challenge. Combined with mustering a scratch band (with Musical Director, pianist, flute/piccolo, clarinet, trumpet and double bass - working with handwritten scores from the original Theatre Workshop production), a projectionist for the series of picture and news panel slides, a lot of sound effects (mostly carefully timed explosions, a complex lighting plot, a lot of costumes and endless props, all added to the fun of it. The script was adapted to be a recounting of the Great War as seen by Conscientious Objectors incarcerated in Richmond Castle, in particular Bert Brockelsby and based on information from the book 'We will not fight' by Will Elsworth Jones.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) by Adam Long, Daniel Singer and Jess Winfield
Three Course Theatre - November 2010
Director / Lighting / Set Design & Build,
Three Course Theatre re-lunched as an independent body to raise money through performance for the Friends of Murambinda Hospital (FMH). This play was performed at five venues around Teesside / North Yorkshire to raise funds for FMH.

Diplomatic Baggage by John Chapman
The Nunthorpe Players - May 2010
Director / Set Design
The play required two different scenes: A flat in London with numerous cupboards and a smart hotel room in Paris with numerous doors. The stage crew didn't get much of a break during the interval, but the result was worth it.

The Ass and the Philosophers by Gwenyth Jones
Three Course Theatre ~ 'Guisborough Theatre Club on the Move'
12th and 17th November 2009
The play was performed at the Thistle Hotel in Middlesbrough on 12th November 2009, and at Rushpool Hall on 17th November 2009. The play was part of a Greek themed night out, with profits from the first production going to the mental health charity Middlesbrough Mind and the second performance to the Friends of Murambinda Hospital, Zimbabwe.

'Allo, 'Allo by David Croft
Guisborough Theatre Club - July 2009
Played Capitano Alberto Bertorelli, the Italian War hero with the bigga da medals - "What a mistaka to make!"

The Winslow Boy by Terence Rattigan
The Nunthorpe Players
7th-9th May 2009
Director / Set Design.
The £800 profits from this production (+£150) from the raffle) was generously donated by the Players to the Friends of Murambinda Hospital for their work in supporting the Murambinda Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
The Nunthorpe Players - January 2009

Oliver! by Lionel Bart
Middlesbrough Operatic Society - November 2008
Played the part of Mr Brownlow - the kindly old gentleman who transpires to be Oliver's Grandfather.

Surprise Package by Duncan Greenwood and Derek Parks
Guisborough Theatre Club - April 2008
Played Fritz Grotz, a German tourist.

See How They Run by Philip King
The Nunthorpe Players - 2008
Played the part of Sergeant Towers
A last minute replacement in the role. Learning the lines was easy enough, it was getting to grips with which vicar was which, which was the problem.

The Fifteen Streets by Catherine Cookson and adapted by Rob Bettinson
An Ian Dickinson production for Darlington Civic Theatre - 25th Non.1st Dec. 2007
Played the part of the Doctor and ensemble parts.
This production used a mixed cast of professional and local amateur actors.

The Compleat Works of Shakespeare (Abridged) by Adam Long, Daniel Singer, and Jess Winfield
The Nunthorpe Players - June 2006
Set design and build (In the round) / Played Juliet, Othello, Ophelia, Macduff and very many other parts. A few other parts were played by Sarah O'Shea and Kate Wright.
Possibly one of the most exhausting productions to be in, but so much fun!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Steve Burns,
The Nunthorpe Players - January 2006
Played Fred Bear and co-authored this adaptation and revival.

Annie Get Your Gun by Irving Berlin
Middlesbrough Amateur Operatic Society, Performed at Middlesbrough Theatre - Autumn 2005
Played the parts of Foster Wilson and Pawnee Bill

The Witness a musical by Carol & Jimmy Owens
The King's Singers - June/July 2005
Played the part of Andrew
Performed at Middlesbrough Theatre. The King's Singers was a scratch group of people, largely Methodists, under the direction of the Methodist Minister at Marton, and the choir leader of the Methodist Church in Nunthorpe.

The Patient by Agatha Christie
Guisborough Theatre club - October 2004
Played the part of Inspector Cray

Chase Me Up Farndale Avenue S'il Vous Plait! by David McGilvray and Walter Zerlin Jnr
The Nunthorpe Players - May 2004
Played the part of Gordon

Old King Cole by permission of the Guisborough Pantomime Group
The Nunthorpe Players - January 2003
Played the part of Gripe

The Ghost Train by Arnold Ridley
The Nunthorpe Players - 16th-19th October 2002
Director / Set Design

And A Nightingale Sang by CP Taylor
Yarm Border Players - 1st-4th May 2002
Played the part of Eric

McSplash! by Bill & Alison Colombi
The Nunthorpe Players - January 2002
Co-scriptwriter / Co-director / Set design

Fish out of water by Derek Benfield
The Nunthorpe Players - May 2001
Played Julian Whittle - the holiday rep.

The Wonderful Story of Mother Goose by Norman Robbins
The Nunthorpe Players - January 2001
Played the tear-making half of the bailiff duo Sage and Onion.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber
The Nunthorpe Players - July 2000
Played the part of Simeon / Set design

Lady Windermere's Fan by Oscar Wilde
The Nunthorpe Players - May 2000
Played the part of Lord Windermere / Set Design

2000.1 A Space Oddity by Bill & Alison Colombi
The Nunthorpe Players - January 2000
Co-scriptwriter / Co-director / Set design

This panto inevitably employed a lot of technical wizardry, including Fluke Sky Talker having live dialogue with a pre-recorded  video projection - and it all worked!

Oklahoma! by Rodger and Hammerstein
Teesside Operatic Society - 12th-17th April 1999

A Man for All Seasons by Robert Bolt
The Nunthorpe Players - May 1998
Director / Set design
This production was performed in the round on a 12' x 12' stage. The excellent lighting by Hugh Fox did all the hard work of making the scene changes.

The Nunthorpe Players - January 1998
Played a Footman / Set design, including the magical transformation of the fireplace into Cinderella's Coach.

Round and Round the Garden by Alan Ayckbourn
The Nunthorpe Players - 1997
Played the part of Norman / Set Design
The set design was nothing very special, but the painting was fabulous. Unfortunately our set painter moved on to pastures new.

The Crimson Cocoanut  by Ian Hay Beith
The Nunthorpe Players - 1997
Played the part of Robert, the waiter at Spaghetti's Restaurant

The Sleeping Beauty by Bill & Alison Colombi
The Nunthorpe Players - January 1997
Co-scriptwriter / Co-director / Set design

When We Are Married by JB Priestley
The Nunthorpe Players - April 1996
Played the part of Henry Ormanroid - Remains Bill's favourite part.

The Viking and I by Bill & Alison Colombi
The Nunthorpe Players - January 1996
Co-scriptwriter / Co-director / Set design / A Viking

Dick Whittington  by Bill & Alison Colombi
The Nunthorpe Players - January 1995
Co-scriptwriter / Co-director / Set design

Hiawatha! - The Pantomime by Bill & Alison Colombi
The Nunthorpe Players - January 1994
Co-scriptwriter / Co-director / Set design / played Nokomis, Hiawatha's Grandmother

This script was submitted to Samuel French for consideration for publication, but was eventually rejected. It was, however, later performed by a school in Thornaby.

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves by Bill & Alison Colombi
The Nunthorpe Players - January 1993
Co-scriptwriter / Co-director / Set design

Rape of the Belt by Benn Levy
The Nunthorpe Players - 1992
Director / Set Design

Red Riding Hood
The Nunthorpe Players - January 1992
Played The Grandmother / Set design

Escargot by Graham Jones
The Nunthorpe Players - September 1991
Played the waiter, alternating between a French and Cockney accent.
This was the Players entry in the Sedgefield Drama Festival that year - we didn't win.

An Inspector Calls by J. B. Priestley
The Nunthorpe Players - 1990
Played the part of Gerald Croft

The Nunthorpe Players - January 1990
Played Baron Hardup

The Mayor of Torontal by Gwenyth Jones
The Nunthorpe Players - 1989
Played the part of Alexander Szabadka
This was the Players entry in the Sedgefield Drama Festival that year - we didn't win.

Puss in Boots
The Nunthorpe Players - January 1989

Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Steve Burns
Middlesbrough Little Theatre - 26th-31st December 1983
Set-build and back-stage crew. Met Alison back-stage and subsequently married her!


Prior to this date, while a student at Teesside Polytechnic (as it was then called), Bill worked on a number of shows at Middlesbrough Little Theatre (as the theatre, not just the club, was then called) including Half a Sixpence, Jesus Christ Superstar, A Man for all Seasons, Abigail's Party and various pantomimes. Also, 'get-ins' for touring companies such as The Blue Box Theatre Company, from the Blue Box Theatre, Keswick - now re-built as the Theatre by the Lake.

If not actually in a Nunthorpe Players production, during his active years with them, Bill was usually to be found behind the lighting or sound desk, and either designing or helping build the set. Also sometimes to be found in the 'orchestra pit' playing his clarinet. Not included in the list above are a number of summer or late summer shows that the Nunthorpe Players put on, and two or three rehearsed readings.

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